Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle

Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle - Experience, Short Movie, Performance - 2018 - 6 min ︎ view short movie
Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle is a re-creation of a multi sensorial experience.
Jessica-Maria Nassif is exploring story telling through the medium of film and performance. She acts as an outside narrator using the smell of burning encense to immerse the public in the paranormal.

About the Story
Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle is at the crossroads of N.Linden Dr. and N.Whittier Dr. in Beverly Hills, California. It has previously been witnessed to be a paranormal space. Jessica-Maria Nassif chose to use Zoltar*as the portal to Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle, where she’s recreating a personal memory witnessing the paranormal

About the Performance
Both, the performance and the movie are happening in parallel in the projected space. The experience lasts 5 minutes and 16 seconds.The langage used is Lebanese-Arabic, (subtitled in English) and English. A flyer will be given before the performance, with the script in Arabic, English, and a “Zoltar”*prediction.
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